Just by meeting your Clients’ expectations, you can alleviate most, if not all challenges and misunderstandings that may arise. As the business owner, it’s your responsibility to manage all your Clients’ possible expectations. There are 3 ways you can do that.

3 Ways to Help Manage Client Expectations

1. Communication : From the first point on contact, Clients should be educated and expectations set. From the very beginning of communication, you should qualify potential Clients. During the booking process, it is important to share and gather any and all necessary information so each party knows what is involved, expected and offered, to help making the decision to proceed with a Session. Make sure to address ANY potential issues that may arise during the Booking process … do not put it off.

2. Manage Yourself : It’s also important to be organized and manage yourself emotionally, mentally and physically.

  1. Don’t over extend yourself and allow a realistic time-frame for all series you provide. Continually review your business process, and don’t forget to consider vendors that you may use when figuring out your time-frame. These vendors may include printers, framers, shipping/delivery services, etc.
  2. Avoid burnout by managing yourself emotionally, mentally and physically. Exercise regularly, stay hydrated and eat a healthy balanced diet. Along with feeding your body, don’t forget to also feed your mind. Engage constantly in reading books/articles that stimulate your mind and educate you on how to run your business. Continually practice your craft to improve your skills.

3. Boundaries : As the Business Owner, it is your right to set boundaries. Clients won’t know what to expect unless you inform them of what is realistic. Learning to set boundaries in an affirmative and positive way, is a crucial part of managing your Client’s expectations.

Bonus Tip
If you don’t offer a Contract up front, I highly recommend you start. Always provide your Clients with a Contract outlining important information such as session fees, deposits, included items and services, Studio process, etc. It is important not to add any surprises to your Client that are not included in the Contract. This is why a Contract to be highly detailed.


Every Client expectation can be easily managed to ensure happy Clients every time. This always starts with a “Client Process” that you follow and communicate every time with every Client. This is a critical part of your job as the expert and professional of your business. Managing expectations tells your Client that you care about them and that they are a priority

Do you have any other ways that you manage your Client Expectations or any questions for me? Feel free to comment below or message me!.

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