WHO? : Evie and Joshua
WHAT? : Location Engagement Sessions reflecting their personalities
WHERE? : The natural environment of Dallas Arboretum in Garland, TX and The Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, TX
WHEN? : March 2018
HOW? : Evie and Joshua met on Tinder, which goes to show Dating sites can work.

How do I even begin describing Evie and Joshua? Their presence is as bold as their Tats. It was a blast capturing these two on our two day Engagement Sessions at the Dallas Arboretum and at the Perot Museum. We were initially scheduled to capture the Session in one day, but the weather was a bit sketchy so we decided to schedule the Session in two days … good call!
Though it was an overcast morning when we had our first Session, Evie and Joshua definitely brought their own light. It was the first time that I had a chance to meet them, and I must say it was definitely a pleasant meeting. Their energy was infectious. Below are the images below that reflects Evie and Joshua’s daring, eclectic personalities!

Morning at The Dallas Arboretum ….

At the second Session conducted at The Perot Museum, Evie and Joshua channeled the chic fashionable side. I got an education from Evie and Joshua on Dinosaurs. Their knowledge was not only impressive, but JUST TOO CUTE!!

A tour of The Perot Museum ….

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