One of my first Weddings this year was a Beautiful reminder of why I love what I do. I had the honor of being included and trusted to capture a Wedding that I feel is the epitome of a Love Story.

The union of Leroy and Monica was an Event that I was excited to be a part of. The commitment of these two, even with the many challenges and hurdles that they faced, truly is an inspirational life moment for me.
After first being forced to deal with two miscarriages, Monica became pregnant again with a girl and plans moved forward to get married. Half way through the pregnancy, Monica was rushed to the ER & discovered that their daughter’s heart had stopped beating. Attempts to restart her heart were unsuccessful. The loss of their Precious Angel was another devastating loss, and they decided to postpone the wedding in order to deal with the situation.

The following summer offered another chance for a bundle of joy, but Monica and Leroy were disappointed again. Even with mounting medical expenses threatening to continue robbing this couple’s chance of happiness, they started planning their Wedding again with hopes of some joy in their life.

Again, life dealt another rough hand. Monica was again rushed to the hospital in extreme pain, where she was informed she had ovarian cancer. After all the surgery and treatments, Monica and Leroy were even more determined to claim the happiness that they desired together.

I came across their story and after talking with Monica, this was a Union I knew I wanted to be a part of. Seeing a Love that withstood all of life’s adversities renewed my Faith in Love.
It was truly an honor helping Leroy and Monica make their Dream come true!

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