WHO? : Katie and Travis
WHAT? : Beautiful Traditional Wedding Ceremony
WHERE? : The charming Perkins Chapel on the campus of Southern Methodist University (SMU)  and Double Tree Campbell in Dallas, TX.
WHEN? : June 2018
HOW? : Katie and Travis met through mutual friends during their freshman year at SMU.

Such a darling couple, Katie and Travis’ laid-back style created a ceremony that was not only fun, but family centered as well.
Just as the ceremony was traditional, so was Travis’ proposal. Travis told Katie she was invited to his parents’ house for a special dinner to celebrate the completion of their Junior Year at SMU. When Travis picked up Katie, his plan was to divert Katie by telling her he wanted to check out their friend’s new apartment. She called their friend to let him know they were on their way, only to find out that he wasn’t home, but at a near by park.
With the temperature in the mid ninties, Katie was quite reluctant, to say the least. Travis started sweating (not from the heat), and hoped he could pull this off. With a little acting and driving around like he didn’t know where he was going, Travis took Katie to the area in the park. After some coaxing, Katie got out of the car to find herself at the park they had had gone to on their first Valentine’s Day. They took a walk into the park and of course, their friend was nowhere to be found. Katie still had no idea what was about to happen. Then Travis got on one knee and Katie face expressed a wide range of emotions including shock, confusion, joy and finally tears … a lot of tears. After Katie said “YES!!”, they eventually did head to their friend’s apartment where there was a surprise engagement party waiting. The incredible evening ended at dinner with Travis’ parents to continue celebrating the engagement.

Below are a few moments that developed in The Day!!


I’m so excited for this wonderful young couple and the possibilities that awaits them. Much Love and Joy Katie and Travis … Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your Love!! ;0)

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