I always like backing up my files from the past year … it invariably provides me a moment of retrospection over all the fun assignments and great clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with all in the North Dallas (DFW) area.  It reminds me how truly Blessed I am to do what I LOVE!!  Really, I mean, how wonderful is it to share the moments and milestones in the lives of some of the most amazing people?  I get to help capture flashes in time that they can always go and look back on, just like I’m doing now.

“At a certain time, an artist needs a big retrospective. At other times, they need a more focused exhibition. It’s a different story each time; it’s about establishing a dialogue.”

~ Hans-Ulrich Obrist


Despite some health setbacks in the past year (more on that later), I was able to still work with my loyal clients and some new Clients (soon to become loyal Clients as well).  I was able to document monumental events including Weddings, Birthdays, Lectures/Workshops, and also captured Portraits.


As I just mentioned, I faced some serious health issues that forced me to face my own mortality.  It was imperative for me to really evaluate my life, and ask myself what it was all truly about.  I say all this because I came to the resolve that I honestly, wholeheartedly appreciate what I do.  I help document the special moments in life and open others’ eyes to see their beauty and the beauty of the world.  We all never know when our time is up, and not everyone is given another opportunity, so I must say, I am TRULY GRATEFUL to be able to remain doing what I love.  Hopefully continuing to bring Beauty and Inspiration to the world … one image at a time.

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